Engage Community

A key aspect of fulfilling the mission of Fourth Street Friendship Church is our intentional focus on Engaging the Community. Our mission at Fourth Street Friendship is to make disciple for Christ, and we believe that this is still done the same way that Jesus did. He healed people. He helped them. He laughed and played with the children. He fed them.

Some of the ways that we are intentionally focused on this at Fourth Street Friendship church are through


  • Inner City Ministries – Every Sunday morning at 9:00 for the past 40 or so years, we’ve been committed to serving a free breakfast to those that are hungry. Guests will find a hot meal and warm smiles included with a brief worship service designed to feed the soul as well. An addiction recovery program is also offered each Sunday afternoon as well as free computer training classes.
  • Community Workshops – At Fourth Street Friendship, we know that there are other things on people’s minds besides praying and singing hymns. Real life in Washington, DC often means being able to benefit from wisdom when it comes to your health, your marriage or family, your finances or other things. Our series of workshops and events for the community are designed to help make a difference in your life no matter who you are.